Sanga’s heroics out shattered by sehwag

Srilanka losing 2nd t20 match even after scoring 206 runs, so sanga decided to chase. Sehwag blistering knock of 146runs in 102 balls made Indians to set huge target for sanga and his boys. Sehwag gave an emphasis start to Indians innings, he scored 100runs in 66 balls, this is the second fastest century in his own table and 12th century for him. Sehwag shared 150 runs partnership with sachin and dhoni in this match which would be a unique stat that this is first duo-150 runs partnership in an innings. This will be 600th international match for sachin who played most number of match in cricket fraternity. sehwag,sachin and dhoni have raised the Indian total to 414 runs. this is highest total for team india and highest in Indian soil.

Srilankan started their chase with 188 runs opening stand by dilshan and tharanga. Continued by sanga scoring 50runs off 24 balls second fastest 50 for srilanka srilankan skipper played a key role by scoring 90 runs off 43 balls. Dilshan scored his 4th ODI century and first in losing cause. Srilanka played very well in chasing a immense. They were kept the scoreboard ticking, they never allowed the required rate above 9runs per over. Sanga and dilshan reduced the total to “103 runs from 84 balls with 9 wickets in hand” or even “15 runs from 12 balls with 5 wickets in hand” from their srilankan losing their way out from victory.

Dilshan and sanga went unrecognized, who kept the scoreboard ticking and gave solid platform for srilankan batsman to chase a immense target. Hopes where alive for srilankan fans still kandamby was in crease. But Dhoni was running out of plan to get his man, Indian bowlers are helpless in this placid Rajkot track but srilankans loss the match by themselves by throwing crucial wickets as run-outs. This highest total in chasing by any team in losing cause.

It’s pitiful for MSD and his mens to win by 3 runs after scoring a mammoth total of 414 runs.At the end of the day Indians went 1-0 lead in the series.