Are you in of DTH, DIRECTTV is right one:

When you are in selection DTH, DIRECTV is one of the competitors. It can deliver all favor like news, sports and movies it includes even your favourite local channels, DIRECTV bring all the variety of programs which are available under the sky. If you are interest in getting Directtv, have a clear idea about the DIRECTV packages, programs and features that you required.  
Don’t worry if you had selected the basic package, i.e., your local TV networks are readily available for you, this is how they have programmed with all DIRECTV programming packages. In general, regional area channels are now accessible in digital format by million of U.S. households. In the group many of those households can get these channels in high quality and high definition. The other satellite TV provider charge for additional cost, but all DIRECTV packages include local channels without any additional cost.
DIRECTV’s have largest selection of channels is one of the reason to be picked by American, they preferred over other satellite television provider. Including basic and PREMIER Package, we have many options and get 265 channels with first class quality you will pleased with the entertainment, this includes movie channels and all sports.  
HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME and Cinemax are Hollywood’s major hits and vital in American entertainment these are readily available in Direct TV, I wish for directtv promotions and these channels are real creative of the best person these are unique programming.  
You can get all this features and more offer with immense Directtv promotions similar to extraordinary packages and I am please to say that they provide Free installation. Just have a look at the Directtv promotions with specials offer on there website. When you are need of more of DIRECTV TV receivers for the many rooms in your home, they provide with the entire package that you required.