New Star from Argentine….

Del potro is new star in tennis fraternity. He is the one of the male Argentinean players to win US Title after Guillermo Apolinario Vilas. Who won US open in 1977 after long gap it has been made Del potro in this year. In pre match analysis everyone believes that his year mom and dad would win the US open. At last change in script. Before Federer, Del potro is just a kid nothing matter to him to win his second title in row. A twist in the game which made everything Del potro favors to regain his set and give him a chance to fight back in tennis court. At end of the game Del potro turn to be crowds favorite instead of Federer. From there this world has recognized a New star has born in the world of Tennis.

Kim Clijsters's Second Innings

Kim Clijsters one of my favorite tennis player because who made a prefect come back in WTA history.
On May 2007 she announced her retirement from the Tennis. Then she get married with Brian lynch on July 2007 in Bree city hall. As a result of her happy Family life they got an angle in there life in 27 February 2008 and they name Jade Ellie. Kim got a wildcard for Cincinnati and Toronto tournaments. She also announced that she would be playing in same year US open. She is the only player who played in US open finals unseeded. She is second motherhood player in tennis to win a championship initially it was Lindsay Ann Davenport who had taken break in late 2006 and made a come back get her 53rd career single title in 2007. In same way Kim clijster to made a come back and get Grand Slams title in same years.

Murali took over Warne's records

Shane Warne Australian spinner is one of the legends in last two decade, who have made miracles for team Australia whenever it required him to perform. Test matches are real cricket which tests the patience of the players and how will they over come there anxiety. To tell about Warne he has many records in his bags, some of them are most wickets taken by him i.e., he has taken 708 wickets this has been taken Muralidaran before a few months. One more interesting record is that Warne has bowled 1761 maiden over in his career but now murali has took over that record in recent New Zealand tour of srilanka by bowling just one more over ahead and then to remind you people that murali he still prevail in test cricket so murali has yet to go forward in his test career some new records and distinct value for cricket.