left handers did the trick.

Suresh Raina has become second player to score 1000 runs in IPL and became first Indian to reach this mark. Both of them are left hander in competition has scored more than 1000 runs. Raina is their main batsman in their middle order and help them to reach the finals in inaugural edition and reach semi finals in second edition of the IPL. He would have scored century in IPL But due to wrong scoreboard calculation made him hurry after scoreboard showed century he started to celebrate and the next ball he perishes. At the end of the day, He came to know he was just one short of his maiden hundred and still maiden hundred by Indian in this Indian Premier League.

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Gilchrist becomes first player to reach 1000 runs in IPL

Adam Gilchrist is the first cricketer to cross the 1000run mark in IPL. Adam has joined IPL after he had announced his retirement plans from the international arena but he has a plenty of power in him to withstand in this competitive cricket arena like IPL. Adam captained Deccan Chargers to lift the IPL2009 trophy in South Africa. Even at the age of mid 30 these Australians dominates the IPL i.e., likes of Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden and Shane Warne. IPL played once in a year but these people not even participate in any kind of competitive cricket but still stays fit and play the game with ease.

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IPL 2010 : Back to India

Much hyped and controversies created around the IPL2010; Finally IPL 2010 is just around the corner to launch. IPL is not just a cricketing event; it is a lucrative event in India, which includes the glamour, excitement, controversies and huge money. Already it created buzz around the world with its grand opening ceremony. Indian artist Deepika Padukone and international artists like Abba Revival, Lionel Richie, Ali Campbell of UB20’s and Bjorn are going to perform in opening ceremony of IPL2010. Every team management is going under a permutations and combinations to right the right balance of the team. The inaugural event remembered for its laser light and McCullum scored unbeaten 158 in first IPL match. This time around, KKR VS DC in IPL2010.so fireworks expected from the first match of the IPL. IPL is going green and telecast live in youtube. This gives a special feature to IPL. It’s a trends that normally under dog team are team which will not expect to win or team which finish bottom of the table will have more chance to win a title, which we have seen in last two season i.e., Rajasthan royals won the inaugural editions when people thinks that they will finish at bottom of the table. Deccan chargers finished bottom of the table in inaugural editions but came to limelight when they lift the IPL 2009 trophy. So expect the unexpected for the extravaganza lucrative event.

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Morgan is first player to score a ton for two different nations.

Eion morgan has became a first batsman to score century for two different nation. On 2 march 2010, eion morgan who has scored a century for England against Bangladesh and saved a game. Eion morgan has already scored a century for Ireland against Canada. Eion morgan doesn’t sound well in first class score which is similar to former English player like Vaughan and Trescothick. Morgan’s unique stroke playing ability and his temperament to play in the tense situation and finish the game, which has made the cricketing fraternity to look back him. Morgan has scored two half century in ICC champions trophy 2009 and became only English cricketer who has got contract in ipl3. He is developing himself as good finisher for England. So Bangladesh has yet to win a match against England in any form of the game, as they achieved against all other nations.