Rooney declared himself fit for world cup 2010

England striker Wayne Rooney has declared that he will be back to full fitness before the start of this World Cup. This will be huge relief for England fans before England starts their world cup campaign. England plays their first game of the tournament against United States in Rustenburg on June 12. Wayne Rooney has already scored 25 goals for England, ready to beat Bob Charlton’s record of 49 England goals. Rooney injured his ankle during the Champions League quarterfinal between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. The injury has been re-aggravated since then, but now Rooney said “I am training well and also feeling good regarding my fitness. I had a stiff neck after the game against Mexico but that’s not of any big concern. I am pretty sure that I will be back to my best before the start of the World Cup. I have not trained much in the last six weeks and that has given me a chance to rest and recover properly. I was not able to score against Mexico but I felt good. The training in Austria has definitely helped. Training at a different altitude is always difficult but it will help us once we reach South Africa. I am not feeling any pressure and I am saving all my goals for the World Cup. I am feeling good at the moment and the team will give it’s all in South Africa.” If he plays to his best, he will be the one of man for England to capture the world cup 2011 in South

Have a nice journey

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Clothes take more priority while shopping

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Clothing is a important part of booming.

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