India’s 100th Test win Eliminates Sangakkara from Elite group

Indian test cricket has moved to next level. Indian’s have registered their 100th test win from their 432nd test match against Srilanka in Kanpur. India is the sixth team to enter into this group. Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa and Pakistan are the other who are in this group. India’s Lucky captain Dhoni has a golden run in test, sangakkara lost his first test match dhoni who captained 9 test match in which he won 6 and drawn 3 test matches. Sangakkara captained 7 test matches in which he won 3 drawn 3 and lost 1.(i.e, loss against india eliminates him from the Elite group). Only 9 captains have gone throught the unbeaten phase after they led for more than five or more games won. Dhoni is only Indian captain who entered into this elite

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Collingwood and Trott made it with ease

Paul Collingwood becomes England's most capped ODI player with his 171st appearance, overtaking Alec Stewart's record in the second ODI against South Africa. Collingwood can’t be kept out of this game, he sent AB de villiers back to pavilion with a fantastic catch and taken two crucial wicket and made unbeaten 105runs, which helped his team reach the target with ease. Trott south African born English player who scored matured 87.Both of them shared 162 runs in 30 overs which turned match in England favor. Generally Kevin pietersen (south African born English player) will score heavily against south Africa due to reprisal, He had a good technique and talent, but can’t able get into south African squad due to Non- white rule in south African cricket. Now it’s time for Trott to show is reprisal against the South African’s. Now England with 1-0 lead in a 5 match series but it turn out to 4 match series due a rain interpret in first ODI. only three match to go from here. Let’s see how protea’s going balance side their without kallis and going to draw or win their series to maintain their No.1 ICC Ranking.

Test is a for both skippers luck.

Srilankan begin their tour on a high, in the first session of the first test is dominated by srilanka, even thought they lost their first choice bowler Nuvan kulasekkara and Thilan Thushara due to injury in last minute. But their inexperienced pacer gave srilanka a perfect start, by rattled Indian top order. But not able to capitalize from there, the Wall is saver for the Indian team he shown his classical touch by piling up 177 runs in first days itself. Dravid scored his 27th century in test cricket. This is fastest 150 runs scored by the wall never because the wall was known for this steady and elegance. By the way India has saved first day. Second day was unlucky for Indian. Then srilankan opener set up prefect start with dilshan scoring century make the things easy for follower. Then mahela came into the picture and payback last year revenge. By reachign double ton and supporting prasana to hold his nerves guiding him get his second test ton. So srilankan reach massive score 760. One more peculiar thing in the inning is a record. That is a sixth wicket partnership record has been broken after Jayewardene and Jayewardene duo on 4th day of the first test. Additional fact is that this is second time where both the keeper have scored a ton in the same test match.

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sehwag has an unusal record:

Sehwag is one man army. He is one of the best players many people admire. He is such a person who can take way the game for opponent in single hand. He is known for his aggressive batting in top order he is still a night mare or even day mare for all bowler who bowl at him. Until Sehwag in ground fans got one thing do that is screaming for boundary. He got many peculiar records in his bag. One such thing in him is scores of 300 runs at Multan and Chennai. One more thing added to this is he has stand 5 opening partnership for 200 this is 200 runs stands achieved by Indian is 9 times. Out of 5 he got 3 with his favourite partner gowtham gamber and remaining 2 with sanjai banger. Still sehwag too unleash his talent.

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Sri Lanka tour of India...

Srilankan captain Kumar Sangakkara aims to set record right from start, that srilanka had never won a test match in Indian soil for past 47 years, sangakkara who captained srilanka from T20 world cup2009 and lead them to finals. Sangakkara who captained srilanka in 5 test matches he able to won 3and drawn remaining 2 matches…till now he never lost a test match. But this time he is up against luckiest Indian captained MS Dhoni who never lost a test match he captained 7 test matches won 5 out of them and drawn remaining 2 matches.

Actually Kevin Petersen former England captain is unbeaten captain and never lost a single match in both form of the game, test and ODI. He took forward the team England to the win against South Africa on own shoulder by blistering century and blazing guns all around the round. When he came against India his luck got wash away in way of lucky Indian captain’s path. History repeats against, clash of two unbeaten captains Sanga and Dhoni. One person still hoping to take revenge against Indian team he is none other than Mahela. Who has step down from Srilankan skipper. He is like a roaring lion to return his reprisal. We can see in forth coming test series.

Let’s see everything in action.

Still Australia is unbeaten team.

Finally the seven ODI series has got over, But still Depleted Australia won 4-2 against impressive Indian team which has won Srilanka in Srilanka twice, New Zealand in New Zealand, England 5-0, West Indies in West Indies, In recent times India have lost in Champions trophy and T20 World Cup 2009.This time pointing and hussy showed the classical style, they are really dependable in their batting lineup, but still able to manage with support from white and Watson. But Indians batsman never clicked as a unit, failed to live up to their expectations. 
Everyone eyes were on Sachin who has made 17000 runs in ODI series. Still India got early wins but unable to clinch the series win.

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Jimmy got his first ever duck:

James Anderson is famous English cricketer well known as sphere head attack in English bowler department. He is quite impressive with ball. But no knows he got and unusual record with bat also that too in test cricket. Now a day test cricket lost its charm over and ODI and T20. By this many people fail to notice this instance in test cricket which many where unable to get. Do you ever imagine that jimmy Anderson has never lost his wicket for 53 innings in test.He is only cricketer who played most innings without a duck for team England. He is one of the best night watchmen in test matches. But now he first ever got he is duck in his 54th innings. His stands got break in ashes test to Hilfenhaus.

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