Unusual Records for Mahela:

Mahela is like a roaring lion in srilankan cricket. Always shown his excellent temperament, one of the best captain in srilankan cricket. He has and usual record many people won’t know, that is he is the second batsman in test arena to have 19 century in his home country. Are you wondering about the player who is first in this track? It is none other than Hayden from Australian fraternity. He has scored 21 century in his home country. And one more thing about the mahela is that he has scored 8 century at Sinhalese Sports Club Ground. Obvious he is the second in this fashion leading him is Sir Donald Bradman he has scored 9 century at Melbourne Cricket Ground. Whenever Srilankan team in trouble he stood up wins matches for them. To be clear his average is 64 as captain can u imagine this, So come on mahela we are waiting see that you cross both record.