IPL team suffers in Champions league.

It is a pity situation for IPL team. If you people had remembered IPL matches which have a lot of dramas in it. But it is shame on Indian domestic side for its performance over this champion league tournament, not even one team has able to qualify to get into semi final. Still IPL has lot of hat trick, many more six, many cameo has emerged into field. No one can recognize that who is going to play for win and who is going lose. But it is clear IPL have influence for external environment like bookies too. 
For Example, when you consider about number of hat tricks has been taken in IPL. This is clear evidence for IPL that has been influenced. That is only 37 test hat tricks in 1879-2008 and 25 hat tricks in 1982-2009. In IPL 5 have hat tricks in just 96 matches.