3 Stages that everyone pass through

These days we all work to fulfill to dreams and if are we unable to fulfill our dreams then we will put to work to fulfill other person dreams. There are 3 stages in every job to pursue that everyone to follow the 3 stage are getting opportunity ,survive in the field and to prove ourselves, these are the basis thing to every one to get pass through. Opportunity in this stage some people search for opportunity and some people create opportunity for themselves. Get a job is not a simple but people say as it is simple and setting a business won’t be an easy task similar. Survive means to stage in field as we all know that every company has as probation period that everyone to get pass get the employee status till then he is temporary staff and in this period we will go through many constrain and some we may think of quitting and I have saw many people have quit the jobs because of pressure. After surviving we have to prove ourselves to other to earn respect. In the company we have some help from fellow coordinates, in build our own business we some people to fill this gap that may be consultancy and Collection Agencies who will help us to grow to perform and to achieve. This is sponsored review