India’s 100th Test win Eliminates Sangakkara from Elite group

Indian test cricket has moved to next level. Indian’s have registered their 100th test win from their 432nd test match against Srilanka in Kanpur. India is the sixth team to enter into this group. Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa and Pakistan are the other who are in this group. India’s Lucky captain Dhoni has a golden run in test, sangakkara lost his first test match dhoni who captained 9 test match in which he won 6 and drawn 3 test matches. Sangakkara captained 7 test matches in which he won 3 drawn 3 and lost 1.(i.e, loss against india eliminates him from the Elite group). Only 9 captains have gone throught the unbeaten phase after they led for more than five or more games won. Dhoni is only Indian captain who entered into this elite