Origin of T20 has made the difference:

In 2007 world cup has loss this charm and grace, and suffer heavy losses in turn revenue. This is due to early exit of India and Pakistan in there group matches, i.e., India had lost the match against Bangladesh, Pakistan coach bob Woolmer mysterious death had spoiled the world cup party, without these famous arch rivals grounds loss there viewers and there is no sufficient fans to cheers the teams. Sponsors where fed up with this effect ICC’s management start calculating it loss, ICC’s management where start too held up with their head to resolve this crisis.
They thought that game should be short and Crispi, so this would really pull the crowds into grounds, and sponsors would feel easy to sponsor the game. So here come T20 world cup this too has its own drama and essence of thrill, i.e., when India and Pakistan met in group matches and the game was tie and new concept was involved which is bowl out. More over India matches where held in Durban and it is known as mini India. Ground full of crowd would be refill fund bank, Indian and Pakistani fans were well known for their enthusiastic and cheers. So final ICC’s has able management to resolve their crisis and get out from the bad condition.