India Conquers The Emerald Island Again In 2009

In 2008,India Clinches the Frist bilateral Series in Srilanka against srilanka in august and now they beated the host comfortableas they take 3-0 lead to clinch the back to back series win in srilanka,

In the 3rd ODI,sehwag & Yuvraj made their 10th & 11th Century respectively,India made their 8th Consective ODI wins.

But in srilanka,Winnig the toss is curcial.Srinka pitches are one sided,

In Day matches, team which chase will win the match 95%.

In Daynight matches,team which bats frist will win the match 99%.

This makes Dhoni to win the series easily,because dhoni is turning to be lucky for india, As he wins the toss almost everytime.

In srilanka ,(feb 3rd,2009)till he captained 8 match, he won the 7 toss in 8 games